Where’s me bike?

Well it is Tuesday, on Thur night I am planning to drive to Snetterton and crash in a hotel the night before the first ACU test day of the year. Saturday/Sunday are the first four races.

Only I don’t have a bike just now. I have everything else, even got tyres and wheels. But no bike.

Apparently Dynotech will have it race ready tomorrow night for me, I truly hope so because I don’t have any time left. Turns out you can’t replace piston rings on the Srr without replacing the pistons. So we opted for Wiseco pistons so that next time the engine is stripped we could simply replace the Wiseco rings. Wasted 3 weeks waiting only to be told there are none in stock until April. So BMW items it is.

Anyways, if work doesn’t ruin my party I’ll be on track Friday trying to remember what lever does what, hopefully I’ll get enough laps in that I am ready for a qualifying time on Saturday that doesn’t see me wobbling round in the non-qualifiers race…

Keep your fingers crossed for me folks – bike built last minute, totally unfit, not been on a bike in months…




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