Well after one bloody awful night and one slightly more bearable night spent in the back of my van at sunny Snetterton, I have decided to upgrade my accommodation for the rest of the season. I had a look around the paddock and the choices were a full on race transporter van, or keep my T5 and get a caravan.


So this little beauty is being handed over to me on Saturday. It’s in tip-top condition, I am benefiting from some old boy’s need for a heart bypass. Said old boy is also a caravan service engineer by trade and his wife is OCD about cleaning – hence this spotless, perfectly kept caravan. The biggest bonus is I get their pitch on a cheap, local storage site so the thing doesn’t have to sit outside my house.

So for the next seven meetings I’ll have heat and comfort as well as refreshment-making facilities. Happy Days!

In other news, the BM will be having its ABS ripped out and replaced by a much simpler, lighter brake and traction control system, as well as having the calipers rebuilt to remove years of crud. I’m hoping for more power and feel from the brakes. I also have a new shed arriving next week so all the gubbins that need to be hauled to track and back have somewhere to stay that isn’t in my garage.

Oh and I’m on a diet to further assist in racing weight reduction… look out for No. 118 the racing snake at future meets.


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