Well I wasn’t expecting that….

Last week I posted my thoughts on the various bleatings being made about banning – or at least removing support for – the NW200 in light of the recent tragedy at the event.

That blog has been viewed 327,514 times. Almost a third of a million times?!

I’m a racer at a very amateur level of the sport, only ever having raced short circuit and only a very few times. I have had my fair share of bikes but am no expert in any field of the sport/hobby. So I am not qualified to give anything other than my own opinion. Therefore you might not be surprised to hear just how touching it is to have had my personal thoughts so widely distributed and to have received over 300 comments in support of my humble ramblings.

I have been in Cape Verde for the last week so am only now able to comment on the incredible response my little blog has had, but all I can say is it is very encouraging to see so many people in violent agreement on this topic.

Whilst holidaying I read Guy Martin’s autobiography, I can recommend it as an insight into a unique mind to anyone interested. But more importantly it was interesting to read some passages in which Guy’s views matched my own thoughts about these men – in fact he used the same example as I did when he referred to racers finding another outlet for their adrenaline should road racing not be available – base jumping. On this point, I will now apologise for assuming that all base jumping was illegal – it seems it isn’t. And it is probably very safe if you know what you are doing. I guess my point was that you don’t have hundreds of people working to make each jump as safe as possible for you as you do at an event such as the NW200. But again – I apologise for not researching as I should.

So thank you all for your kind comments and thanks for sharing. My 15 minutes of fame.

The following may be of interest to some:

Simon Andrews’ funeral will take place on June 17 at 3pm at Worcester Cathedral. Everyone is welcome. Flowers to the church and donations to the air ambulance.


2 thoughts on “Well I wasn’t expecting that….

  1. Angilian Stylianou says:

    I found your ‘Road racing is dangerous’ to be one of the most profound and well written articles I have read in a very long time, I re-posted it again yesterday after the death of Karl Bomber Harris on the TT facebook and as before the response has been amazing. The biking community is in constant need of articles like this one and you have done so many, so very proud, putting into words how our riders feel and tick. I, as have many, have been heartbroken over the last few weeks and along with most I have too questioned my love for road racing, BUT yet again after reading your article it reminds me that, road racing, BSB, MotoGP and all the other events are my passion and its because of the passion of the riders and the very close knit community that we love it, the smell, the noise, the fans, the riders, the teams!!! Life would be less amazing with out and I know there are many out there that agree!! So long live TT and The NW200 and lets no forget the fallen ever, keep them alive with memories and thoughts and pictures! Thank you kind sir x

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