Brands Hatch Indy

Well Brands Hatch is one of my favourite circuits, but I have only ever ridden the GP circuit so the Indy was all new. I was taken aback by just how different the bottom end of the circuit is, very off-camber and much, much slower entry to the start-finish straight compared to the GP.

I loved it, best lap time was 52.374. This was better than I expected but I need to be in the 1.51s to be playing with the next few riders (6th to 11th all running in 51s). Having said that, I managed an 11th place which was my personal best. I also scored points in three of four races which was an improvement on before.

The bike was perfect as always, my only issue being my lazy left foot onto the start-finish straight finding a couple of false neutrals. But can’t complain. The little circuit is very sore on tyres, but then I reckon I did probably 140 laps over the three days (85 complete laps between qualifying and races).

So I have left happy and with some more confidence that I should be aiming for top ten. Neal Anderson and Andy Parker came to support me which was much appreciated, the sun was splitting the skies and it was a great weekend all in all.

Since then I did two back to back trackdays at Donington and Oulton Park. Dony was kamikazee day with everyone throwing themselves at the scenery until lunchtime, we struggled to get two laps in at a time. Afternoon was a big improvement. What really took me by surprise was just how much faster I was than the majority of the fast group. I was expecting to be more confident and be better at passing, but this was a whole different level. It made me realise just how much I have learned over four race weekends and I’m pleased as punch.

Bit of a downer at Oulton. Started well, again I was able to pass the vast majority of the fast group with ease despite last being there on my 750 four years ago. Unfortunately after lunch I missed my gear downshifting to fourth at Island and ran onto the grass at a fair lick. Now if Oulton bothered to flatten that ground, I would have been ok, but as it is it is very bumpy. I stayed straight but the bike tied itself in knots and punted me off. I smacked my head a whack and hurt my sides and leg but really nothing much of note. The bike folded the exhaust, broke the hanger and bent the gear lever. My second track crash in 12 years riding tracks, so it was long overdue. Ironic that it was at a trackday and not a race!

All fixed now and I think we are ready for Anglesey this weekend.

Results to Date:

Snetterton (Dry, warm):

Cadwell (Mostly dry):
15th (all on wets on a dry track!) – 1 point

Donington (dry, hot):
14th – 2 points
14th – 2 points

Brands Hatch (dry, hot):
11th – 5 points
12th – 4 points
14th – 2 points


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