2015 – my first Clubman Year!

Well things have progressed over the winter period and I think I’m actually half-way organised this year!

The biggest changes have been to little old me! My training has made a big difference to both my fitness and my size. I’m now a 31 inch waist (down from 34/36) and weigh just over 11 stone, down from mid-13s. My fitness is better than it has been in the whole of my life – that doesn’t necessarily say much, but I am training three times a week with my trainer and am really seeing results.

The result of this is a painful hole in the bottom of my pocket! Old leathers had to be replaced and I decided to go with custom BKS leathers. You can see the design below – they should be ready early March and I have to admit I’m a bit bloody excited!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 19.16.14

Under the leathers will be a nice new Forcefield back protector courtesy of my No. 1 sponsor, Heidi. New custom gloves from Held are on their way as my gloves gave up this year too. So I’m going to look like a bloody newbie this year!

The bike will be ready after the engine rebuilt this week, suspension has been refreshed and a couple of minor gadgets added to the bike. Nothing major, there was nothing wrong with it last year.

I have moved up a league too – in the No Limits Cup series rather than Newcomers, so I’m a proper clubman racing against riders with a lot of experience. I’m determined to make a real go of it this year, I want the faster guys to pull me on and I want to see real improvements in my times even if not results.

So I’m starting to get a little giddy at the prospect of the new year! I have a trackday booked at Donington Park at the end of Feb to blow away the cobwebs, then it’s race time in March.

Looking forward to catching up with old friends trackside, please don’t underestimate the difference a couple of friendly faces in the paddock makes, I love to see people come along to watch. Everyone welcome, make sure to drop me a line for tickets.


One thought on “2015 – my first Clubman Year!

  1. Well done with the fitness. I’m in my 3rd year racing and one of the things I have found after a long winter lay off is it takes quiet a while to get back up to speed and lap times you were doing at the end of the previous year….In fact it takes a good 2-3 track days to get up to speed in my case, which normally means my first 2 race meets i’m scratching my head wondering why I’m 1 second slower than last year. Before next season (I’m in the southern hemisphere so id mid season now) I’ll defiantly be getting more track days in before actual race meets. Plus its a good opportunity to pick our problems with a bike been sitting up stationary for 3-4 months. Good luck !!

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