It’s here!!

Well it’s only a new bloody race season already!

I have spent the winter – predictably – getting the bike ready. Engine refresh and new fairings as well as a new data logger/GPS lap timer. Have had a couple of shakedown runs at Dony and Cadwell and everything is as it should be.

Over the winter I continued my work with my personal trainer and feel much fitter – and smaller and lighter – than last year. No excuses… A stone and a half less weight and more muscle ought to see improvements.

My new shape has warranted new leathers from BKS – they arrived today three hours before I am setting off for Snetterton and my first race weekend, hopefully I can break them in tomorrow on practice day.


This year I’m on with the big boys – club level with seasoned racers who have been doing this for years. Anything better than last will be a good start!! But I’m keen to do my best and demonstrate improvements over last year at all tracks. I must improve my qualifying times – hence the new lap timer.

Proper excited, really looking forward to another season and if it is half as enjoyable as last year, it’ll be epic!!




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