Race Report

Oulton Park

Next round is Oulton Park, 10/11th April. I have ridden the circuit quite a few times and always enjoyed it – but have never raced there. It’s one of the UK’s ‘natural’ circuits, built into the countryside rather than plonked onto a disused airfield. The ‘natural’ circuits are the likes of Donington, Cadwell and Oulton and are certainly my favourites – racing in two dimensions has much less appeal than racing in three.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. It is compromised somewhat by the fact that Oulton won’t host racing on Sunday, so we have qualifying Friday afternoon and racing is all squeezed in to Saturday. But still, it will be great to experience Oulton whilst in competition.

I’ll be focusing on my starting technique more this round, it is something I was reasonably happy with early last year but which has become a bit of a weakness. I’ve taken guidance and will be trying a different approach. Let’s see how it goes… if it gets me away ahead of the guys who run at my pace and right behind the guys running a couple of seconds quicker, it can only be good.

Luckily the bike and I returned from Snetterton unscathed, so I didn’t have much to do by way of bike prep. Bit of cleaning and a blood transfusion and she was all good. Having seen the damage caused to a couple of my friend’s bikes at Snett, I have undertaken a review of my sparing and tooling policy. The small portable tool box is now replaced by a meaty and much less portable version with a more complete set of tools. After this round when we are again sharing garages, I’ll be reverting to the awning so I don’t have to unload everything from the van.

Anyways, exciting weekend ahead. The weather does not look too terrible, fingers crossed!


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