All in the head….

I have a strategy for my racing efforts – remove all the excuses.

I am lucky enough to have the ability to fund myself well, so over time I am able to put together a very competitive bike along with all the associated gubbins that help promote success on the track. Without doubt, my bike is fast enough – it’s a 200bhp machine with all the right bits to be very competitive at club level.

One aspect I was not happy with last year was rider fitness, so I have spent months getting my fitness level well beyond where it has ever been before. My stamina has been massively increased and race distance no longer feels like ‘too long’.

As for skill, well I have a fair idea what I should be doing. I have had some limited coaching by Simon Crafar which has helped with techniques and I reckon I’m as capable as most on track.

That only leaves one thing limiting my performance – my head. And that’s not so easy fixed. You can’t throw money at it, you can’t pump weights with it. And training it to allow me to go faster doesn’t seem to be very easy.

I’ve always been a cautious type, I learn progressively and am not a natural risk taker. I wouldn’t say I was afraid on a bike – not on closed circuit at least. However I don’t tend to benefit from masses of adrenalin. I need a way of being able to pull the pin – be able to jump onto circuit and go at a decent pace straight away for qualifying and be able to tap into an extra few mph in a race scenario.

How to fix it? I’m not quite sure. Maybe some coaching to fine-tune my technique will let me relax about speeding up, or maybe I just need to man up…

Whatever, there are no excuses. With the package I have I should be fighting for wins yet I’m lucky to be mid-pack, so I really need to change my mindset.


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