Cadwell Looms

Cadwell Park this weekend, four solo races and the three-hour endurance race with my team-mate Dan Shaw. Weather looks okish and I feel like I am fairly well organised. For once we won’t be permanently set up in a garage, so I have to haul the awning and extra genny up the country.

I have never been overly happy with my performance at Cadwell. The fast, open sections are fine but that mountain has never clicked. I have some ideas – one being I need to forget the idea that I have to take the mountain upright. Having paid attention to how faster riders take it, it seems it is only me that feels the need to get the bike vertical before jumping it. And I also have to make that section more flowing, it is too disjointed at the moment. So we will see.

The good thing is I have the endurance to think about so it isn’t just me that will suffer if my performance is average – believe it or not, that is a significant driver for me.

One bonus is that Team Travis is now 100% BMW! After riding my bike at Silverstone, Danny went out replaced his Suzuki with a mint 2012 S1000rr with all the right bits – looking forward to seeing how well he gets on with it – I have no doubt it will be like a duck to water!

So we’re off with the van and caravan loaded up tomorrow afternoon, aiming not to get there too late and to have some chill time on Thur evening before the test day on Friday. From Saturday morning it will all get a bit manic and it will be a long weekend – my last race is after 5pm Sunday and we have to get home after that!


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