Wakey wakey lazy arse…



New job in the city, lots of travel, new customers, bouncing around all over the place trying to smash my first quarter.

My wedding, seemingly an age away is now apparently not that far away at all and a lot of organising needs done. By me.

A big empty van on the driveway, a pile of dexion racking, ply and lining carpet in the garage. Yet to be put together like that 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle you started on Boxing Day.

Sickness. A house full of it. My better half with a chest infection, me with a sore throat, feeling listless.

US trips that clash with race rounds.

A caravan that may or may not be in the same state I left it in October last year – because I have not seen it since.

Just part of the big, long, pathetic list of excuses why I have not been bouncing off the walls with excitement looking forward to the start of the race season. But that changes now.

The van is ready to bolt together this weekend and will be operational, if not complete, by Sunday. Tow bar was fitted today, so I can pull my wee gypsy wagon to Manchester. The garage will be clear by Sunday so the bike can get the TLC it needs on Sunday afternoon. I have booked an extra day off work to help me prepare. It’s time to start getting excited!

Oulton is a superb circuit. There are some riders bleating about it being a shortened version this year, I’m not bothered myself. I have never been particularly good round Oulton. It takes cajones, big cajones, to be a hero between the trees and over the jumps. And I’ve never been great at the start of a season either, being slow to wake from hibernation. But by golly I’m going to give it my best shot. I’ve had three days beating myself up for being useless at Cartagena, now I am home I am concentrating on taking the lessons learned and turning them into seconds dropped round Oulton Park.

Braaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp!!!!!   See you on the flip side suckers!!  xxx


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