I had my check-up today with the surgeon who put my collarbone together after my spill at Snetterton. He seemed pleased with my progress, probably wondering where the sling I was meant to be in was – but he was good enough not to mention it.

They took the opportunity to pull out my stitches revealing a six inch scar – it looks a lot tidier now it has been cleaned up but it’s a fair old wound.

My surgeon advised that given the complexity of my break, 6-12 weeks was a reasonable amount of time to allow before doing normal things. When I mentioned that ‘normal’ was racing bikes, he rapidly clarified what he meant to be ‘normal’ – such things as lifting a shopping bag. I didn’t mention I’d been lifting bottles of propane gas yesterday…

Racing a bike was projected to be a 3-4 month wait. I had a fairly direct response to that, which he took on board and suggested a review after 6 weeks. He did explain that there is a 1 1/2 inch gap between the two good bits of bone and the bit inbetween was basically shattered bone which he had done his best to reconstruct but which was loose and had no stability.


As much as I was determined to race at Donington on 14/15th May, it isn’t going to happen. I probably could ride and I would probably be ok, but if something happened my employer would be less than impressed and they pay for this lark at the end of the day.

I had also planned a MotoVudu training day on 11th May, I contacted them today and despite the short notice, they agreed I could move my training date. Once again, BIG UP to Simon, Kirsten and crew, they could have quite justifiably pocketed the lot but were very sympathetic.

So I’ll be looking into doing whatever I can to heal the bone – improved diet, hyperbaric, low intensity laser – so when I arrive in 6 weeks I can show off a well healed bone. Until then I just need to suck it up and look forward to a restart of my season at a later date. I’ll be at Dony to support other riders and enjoy watching the action – I might get drunk as well.

It’s disappointing but was always on the cards, I hope to use the time to prepare as best I can for the rest of the season and enjoy not having to buy tyres for a couple of months…

Won’t stop me being miserable though.



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