This Is The End, Beautiful Friend

And so a premature end to the 2016 season.

It started disappointingly with a poor performance at the season warm-up at Cartagena. It was a rubbish showing at Oulton at the first round. And then I fell off after two corners at Snetterton and broke my collar bone.

My plan from there was rapid recovery, heroic comeback and end the year with a bunch of top-ten finishes.

Unfortunately the repair job on my arm didn’t quite go according to plan insomuch that 15 weeks after my accident my clavicle is still in an estimated six pieces and showing no sign of healing. It wasn’t until 13 weeks in that the NHS doctor admitted there had been no progress, so I stomped off to a private consultant rather than ‘wait another eight weeks to see if it improves’.

Mr Private Consultant says ‘start again’, meaning a second operation to remove all the cheap meccano the NHS had stuck in, replace with his own bling, include a bone graft from my hip and sew me up again. He is also fairly sure they will need a third operation to take out the second lot of shiny meccano too to kill infections.


I could aim to return for the last round of the season in October. But I tried to ride at Anglesey and it didn’t go well, I did some training at Snetterton which my injury limited, I tried to ride the endurance at Snetterton and that wasn’t good and my recent trip to Silverstone amassed a total of two DNFs and a huffy drive home at Sunday lunch time.

So I’m done with half-assed returns. I get rebuilt on 25th August and this time I am confident it’ll be a 6 week recovery. Then it is likely another op to recover the manky infected Titanium to allow drugs to kill off the bad stuff.

I now look forward to 2017 with plenty of time to get fit, lose weight, get the bike sorted and get some bike training.

Like the mythical phoenix,

I shall return,

In a blaze of glory.


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