Déjà vu

And just as my hatchet wound starts to look less angry and more like an old injury, it’s time to get the can opener out again.

On Thursday I go under the knife to remove the old metalwork, replace it with new metalwork and add a bone graft. Then I have Friday and the bank holiday weekend to recover so I can get back to work on Tuesday.

Between now and then I have to wash my armpits, hair, cock and balls in disinfectant daily, dry with a clean towel and sleep on fresh bed sheets every night to cleanse me of any potential MRSA infection. Personally, I think I am being stereotyped and discriminated against as a dirty biker but my lawyer insists any evidence of this is purely circumstantial.

I have to say I am most looking forward to the bone graft which, I am assured, hurts like hell and can cause lifelong localised pain. This whole thing just gets worserer and worserer.


That’s not my willy. 

Fingers crossed this time the bone actually heals rather than just rattling around for a few months, I really need to move on from what should have been a relatively insignificant injury. 2017 seems like a long way away but new race seasons have a habit of creeping up rather faster than I expect and I want to be fighting fit for what will be my last full year.

Oh and check out how neglected my girl has been whilst I’ve been laid up and while the landscape gardeners have been using my garage as a muddy thoroughfare. Poor thing is sitting thick with Travertine dust.


Shame on me.

NB: The mountain bike is for decoration only.


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