Hello Internetosphere. It’s been a while, I’m sorry, just not much happening.

What a long feckin year. Crashing and breaking myself, trying to get back on, failing, eventually having to have a second attempt at putting Humpty together again and all the time my bike gathers dust.

Finally we have progress. What was to be my final checkup now won’t be, but I’m happy with progress – there is still one break which is not joined, but there is lots of growth so we are confident that by Jan when I have my final, final x-ray it will be fully healed. My trainer is starting to push the weights up and I’m not suffering any more, so we’re seeing good progress in the ability of my shoulder to do normal stuff. It feels leagues better than it did all summer.


And to demonstrate my confidence in full health and fitness, I have not only booked Cartagena for four days in February, I have also booked one of those full days with Simon Crafar as my personal coach. If you know me you’ll know how highly I rate this guy, so I’m really chuffed to have secured his services.


I have also entered an endurance race in December. It’s on a 50cc moped and is round a moto-x track. For 5 hours. We’re not sure if it is going ahead yet, but if it does I’m there! The speedfight is in the garage on the bench, new cylinder ready to go on…

More good news – this winter will be relatively cheap! I didn’t do enough on my bike last year to merit any real work being done this winter, so I’m going to go straight into the season with the bike as it is. I have everything I need for the season save for fuel and tyres, so no more buying vans, awnings, generators etc.

And I have secured my race number for one more season, No. 118 will be little old me once again.


Things are looking up folks, kicking off in February with 4 days of me trying to remember which lever does what on a superbike. It’s going to be a steep learning curve again as I’m not planning to go back to my previous speed – we need to see more, much more. This is my last season racing and I don’t plan to limping out at the back. This has to be my best season yet.


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