All change!

Well it seems that a lot of my friends from No Limits are off to pastures new, with a significant number of riders heading to the BSB paddock to ride in the Ducati 959 support race. It’s a fantastic opportunity for riders to get high profile exposure and it is inevitable the racing will be very competitive. For riders who have potential, it’s a great way of attracting sponsorship for future years. For the mid-pack riders, it will be a great experience to be part of.

For me, the news that so many riders were moving came too late. I have paid up my season of racing with No Limits so am committed. In all honesty, I don’t have a great desire to change series – a new bike (I’m no fan of Ducatis), new spares, new organisation – with no sponsorship and with this being my last year fully committing to a series, it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

But it will be a real shame, one of the best things about No Limits was how friendly the paddock was. A significant number of the good guys are departing and it won’t be the same. But one thing I can rely on is I’ll have Heidi with me – my most loyal supporter will always be there.

I look forward to following my friends as they compete in the series and can’t wait for the endless supply of free BSB tickets. Me, I’ll just keep chipping away at the No Limits Cup. I did a full season in 2015 and finished 9th overall, last year was a write off – so I have unfinished business.

Next stop Cartagena in Feb, four days on track including a full day of coaching. As a bonus a colleague who I used to work with will be riding his new GS down to his house not far from the track along with his mate, so we will have even more company when we’re there. I have forgotten what it’s like to ride my superbike, can’t wait to get that infectious buzz again!


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