2016 – A review


Time to reflect on a rollercoaster year…

The plan was to change jobs, get some rider coaching in Cartagena, have a second crack at the No Limits Cup 1000, get married. I changed jobs, probably left Cartagena slower than I went, crashed in round 2 of the Cup and didn’t get married. You win some, you lose some, eh?

The year started with great promise. I changed the 2008 SWB T5 Transporter for a 2104 high roof MWB Sprinter, which I kitted out with some top notch racking and some decent trim. The bike was rebuilt and was showing good numbers and I was feeling fit. The caravan was still in perfect nick from the year before, so we were all set!

Over to Cartagena and the riding coach I used didn’t work for me, in fact I felt like I’d had the legs kicked from under me. Everyone reacts differently, I reacted badly to this guy. Wasn’t feeling it at round 1 at Oulton, decided I had lots to work on in round 2, went there and crashed, breaking my collar bone. And that was pretty much it. I tried to ride at a couple more rounds but as my broken collar bone didn’t heal, it was a lost cause.


The marriage thing was a comedy of errors and whilst myself and Heidi are stronger than ever,  everything else went wrong. We learned a lot about people and about wedding planning Рwhen we do it next time it will be done very, very differently.

Have a great holiday everyone, thanks for the support and I look forward to a ‘phoenix from the flames’ year in 2017!


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