I can nearly smell it…

Well, we’re in 2017 and as usual the new race season creeps up quicker than we expect despite us sitting impatiently waiting for it for months!

The flu floored me just after new year, so I lost an extra week or two of training – but on the plus side I lost about 1/2 stone, kick-starting my weight loss programme. It also made it easy to give up drink for January – it’s not something I usually entertain but as I couldn’t face booze while I was ill I thought it would do no harm to stay dry for an extra couple of weeks. I’m back training and weak as water, but I should recover quickly and be fit for Spain.

Cartagena is all paid up, we leave on 15th February and are on track 16-19th. It’s going to be a shock to the system getting back on the yeller beast after being out of the saddle for so long, I can only hope I have not completely lost my mojo! I will be sharing the track with a bunch of ex-No Limits Racers who are moving to the Ducati Cup BSB support race, so it’s going to be noisy – will be interesting to see how well they go.

As for bike prep – what bike prep?! To be honest, a new chain and some oil is about all it needs, as well as some coolant for the road trip over the mountains to Spain. It did so little last year it needs nothing doing. The grubby fairings will stay in place for the first few outings, but I have a splendiferous new set all painted ready for the new season.  A new helmet is on order from Arai, otherwise it same old garb as last year.

The No Limits Cup awards dinner was this weekend past, we didn’t go for various reasons but I was sad to miss it – it looked like great craic as usual and some friends got their hands on some big prizes. Special mention due to the O’Connor brothers for their spectacular haul of trophies, brilliant to see them do so well and move on to a new challenge – they’ll be missed in the paddock.

Anyhow, it’s all starting to feel real again and another season looms, no clue how it will go but fingers crossed for more action than in 2016!


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