Patch-up jobs

We’re in between the last crash and the next race, which means fixing myself, my kit and my bike.

My leathers survived remarkably well with all the right bits taking the impact, my helmet was scrap. Arai kindly sent me a replacement next day delivery, I even got a free upgrade to the sparkly black version! Everything else kit-wise was fine.

The bike is in Dynotech at the moment, the forks have been sent away as they were weeping where the stanchion joins the fork bottom – this was a problem before the crash. The radiator is being bodged back on, this weekend I need to pull together enough intact fairings to make a set in time for Anglesey on 9th.

As for me, well I’m only lightly damaged. My IT band is tight as a tight thing, I have a spreading bruise over my backside and my shoulder has taken a bit of a hit, so the physio is trying to straighten me out in time for the next race. Today she stuck black sticky things over my arse which is all new to me…

We’ll be good to trundle up the road to Anglesey come Thursday, it’s a great wee track as long as the weather is good. Tyres arrived today, so we are in good shape.

I was just thinking about the experiences I have had in my last few years racing – high-sides, low-sides, impacts, high and low speed offs and near misses… I did track days for thirteen years and fell off once in all that time. It just goes to show that racing is a very different game!

It also shows just how much you can get away with when riding modern circuits on modern bikes with decent safety kit. There are never any guarantees, but the percentages are encouraging. With highly trained circuit staff and if you use the right medical services, taking a few tumbles is nothing to fret about. The bikes typically cope well and if you invest in the right safety gear, it can keep on taking the crashes.




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