Back at it

Well it has been three and a half weeks since my off at Anglesey and it was only really the end of last week when my arm became useful again. Until then muscle bruising was severely restricting movement and making life very uncomfortable.

Thankfully my friendly, if a little masochistic, physiotherapist has worked wonders and I am seeing rapid improvement. I have 90% movement back and am regaining strength. With just over a week until Oulton, I think it is realistic to think I’ll be fit to race. The bone break isn’t causing any issues, hopefully it will be nearly healed by now.


Spending a lot of time with these ladies – Miss Megapulse and Lady Ultrasound

My old friend and verbal sparring partner Blue is going to come from Norn Iron on his maiden race visit to England. John has done many UK track days, road trips and Euro events with me but we have never lined up on the grid together, so it should be a fun event. It nearly didn’t happen as No Limits didn’t bother to record his application in mid June – it’s resolved, so I’ll not launch into a tirade about how badly it was dealt with.

I now have a weekend of bike repairing coming up. BKS did a great job repairing my leathers in double-quick time, shares in Arai rose again as I was sent my third helmet of the year, KAIS are sorting my steering damper for me and I have a new set of unpainted plastics that will just have to do. Clip-ons have been replaced, new grips etc sorted, rearsets mended – the brakes need rebuilt but other than that we should be good to go.

So fingers crossed the next few days sees a full recovery and I’ll be reporting back from Oulton in less than two weeks.

In other news…

My old mucker Danny Shaw (Tri-Options Cup #33) was a man down at Snetterton so I jumped at the chance to have a bit of a lads weekend away at BSB! Staying in the riders enclosure with full pit lane access was a real buzz and let me see the inner workings of BSB compared to club level. It’s funny how similar it all is from the inside, same but more money and stricter security! It all looks so much more glamorous when you’re a spectator.

Danny had a good weekend, working on a number of aspects to drive the little advantages that saw continuous improvement over the weekend, the chance of points stolen away by a shortened second race.  Danny is doing exceptionally well having only started racing in club three years ago and progressing to this level and fighting for points in his first year. A real talent and everything he does this year will feed into next year’s championship – it’s great to see the development.


On the grid, race 2


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